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Online Banking Help

Online Banking Help and FAQs:

Our Online Banking system offers a comprehensive Help feature where you will find information about each service and answers to FAQs. Look for the HELP Button at the bottom of each page throughout our Online Banking website. Just click on this HELP Button to find out definitions on terminology and more information about the page you are on.

Online Banking Access Agreement

Exporting Data to Quicken/Quick Books

Browser Support:

Our Online Banking system supports several browsers (see below table). To ensure your browser is set up properly to work optimally with our Online Banking system, click on the version of the browser you use to view detailed browser instructions. Failure to properly configure your browser could cause operational problems when trying to view our Online Banking system.

IMPORTANT ALERT for all Internet Banking Customers:

All major browser vendors (Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, etc.) and Adobe made significant security enhancements to their products which could affect your use of various websites (including our Online Banking).

If you find you are required to register your PC/browser and get a SAC (Secure Access Code) every time you access Online Banking, please click on the link below for the specific browser you are using to get instructions on how to properly configure your browser for optimum compatibility with our Online Banking system.

Operating System Web Browser Supported Versions Download Site
Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer (IE) 11 Get Microsoft IE
  Google Chrome 48 or Higher Get Chrome
  Mozilla Firefox 44 or Higher Get Firefox
  Safari 5.1 Get Safari
Mac OS-x Mozilla Firefox 51 or Higher Get Firefox
  Safari 8 or Higher Get Safari
  Chrome 48 or Higher Get Chrome

Under Supported Versions, click on the version you use to get configuration instructions to properly setup your browser for compatibility with Online Banking.

Under Download Site, you can click on the link to take you to the appropriate vendor site to download their latest browser version and patches.

Registering Your Computer and Secure Access Codes (SAC):

Our Internet Banking System uses the latest Multi Factor Authentication techniques using multiple access methods to provide strong security for those accessing the system. Registering your computer is one of the authentication methods we use. To register your computer you must obtain a secure access code. Once the access code is received you have the option of registering your computer or device for later use, or use the code for one time. Not registering your device is recommended if you are using a public computer.

To Add or Delete Accounts to your Online Banking User ID:

To add or delete accounts having common ownership, log into our online banking system and, from the “Services” box, select “Messages”. Within the Secure Mailbox, select “New” and type “Add” (or Delete) for the Subject. In the body of the message, specify the one user ID you would like impacted and specify each complete account number and its type to be added (or deleted). Secure messages are within our firewalls, so complete account numbers are safe.

Additions (or deletions) are typically completed in less than three business days after we receive the message.

Note: If your user ID begins with a special character, you will not be able to make a change in this manner. Please contact your account officer at your local branch to assist you.

Thank you for being our customer and using our products.

Using Quicken/QuickBooks:

Our BAE Internet Banking system will allow you to download your account transaction history into Quicken or Microsoft Money. For more information and instructions on how to accomplish this click on the links below.

How to set up accounts in Quicken (from the “first account”)

How to add an account in Quicken

To update transactions into Quicken once the accounts are set up

To import transactions into Quickbooks

Import into QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2008 and later

Quicken Troubleshooting Issues:

ACH and Token Approval Instructions:

Using iPay Bill Pay:

We offer payment to our checking account customers through a third- party vendor, iPay. For our personal Online Banking users, there is no charge for this feature; business users, please contact your account officer for fees.

If you would like iPay bill payment added to your existing personal log-in:

  1. Please log-in to Online Banking
  2. Select, from the top box called Services, the “Messages” link.
  3. Select New and type “Add Bill Payment” in the Subject line.
  4. In the body of the message, type your name and log in ID.
  5. Click Send.

After we receive that message and verify the information we will respond to your secure message to let know that iPay- bill pay has been activated.

For questions concerning either a past bill payment item or browser issues with iPay- bill pay, please call 1-866-326-9885. This line is staffed from 7:30am to 2:00am (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday.

Have Additional Questions or Need Assistance with Internet Banking?

For additional assistance please use which ever of the below methods you prefer:

  • Click here to browse our FAQ for answers to the most common questions
  • Click here to send us an email to our customer service department
  • To call and talk to a customer service representative please call (866) 433-0282.
  • Click the link at the top of the page to contact a customer service representative via Chat Support (during business hours)