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FDIC Disclosure

Your bank deposits are safe at ANB with FDIC insurance coverage now up to $250,000 per depositor.

If you have deposits over $250,000 there is additional FDIC insurance coverage based on how we can structure your accounts, making sure those funds are also safe.

To understand how the insurance rules and limits apply to a depositor's specific group of deposit accounts-what's insured and what portion (if any) exceeds coverage limits at that bank, the FDIC has an Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) that allows the user to print the report for their records. EDIE can be used to calculate the insurance coverage of all types of deposit accounts offered by an FDIC-insured bank.
Click here to go to EDIE at

If you have any specific questions regarding FDIC Insurance Coverage, please contact the bank directly or click on the FDIC website link below for detailed consumer information.

FDIC Consumer Information        

FDIC to Provide Quick Tips for Consumers Over the Internet

New service announced in conjunction with National Consumer Protection Week

At any age or stage in life, it's important to stay informed about ways to save and protect your money. The FDIC, in observance of National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) March 7-13 and its theme of helping people of all ages exercise their consumer rights, announced today that the agency will begin to regularly deliver timely tips on money management on the agency's Web site and through an email subscription service.

The first five tips will be issued during NCPW – one each day – beginning Monday, March 8. Starting the following Monday, the tips will be provided on a weekly basis as the FDIC "Consumer Tip of the Week." Topics will range from saving and borrowing money to protecting money with FDIC insurance and avoiding financial fraud.

The FDIC's "Consumer Tip of the Week" may be found at Consumers, members of the media, financial educators and anyone else interested in receiving the tips automatically in emails should subscribe to the "Consumer Tip of the Week" using the email update link on this Web page.

For more information about the FDIC's educational programs and service for consumers, including a toll-free Call Center, free videos and brochures, current and past issues of FDIC Consumer News (including the Spring 2008 special edition entitled "Money Tips for All Ages: Your Finances at Different Stages of Life"), and the Money Smart financial education curriculum (one version for adults and one for young adults), visit or call 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342).