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Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services provide an accelerated and efficient method to collect, process and deposit your daily accounts receivables, while helping you reduce your overhead expense. Our online operation provides you with powerful tools such as demand decisioning and accounts receivable matching.

Retail Lockbox

ANB provides Retail Lockbox Accounts that are very streamlined and automated to process. This service is perfect for processing loan payments where there is a one-to-one ratio of check to coupon, such as student loan payments. We provide you with daily reports that contain who made their payment and the payment details. You can then upload this information into your accounting system, eliminating manual processing.

Wholesale Lockbox

ANB’s Wholesale Lockbox Accounts are customized based specifically on your needs. We process checks, cash and credit card payments. All funds received are automatically deposited to your account the same day payment is received, improving cash flow and decreasing costs for your business. We provide daily online reports, online images of the payments, billing statements, a statement of benefits, and can even include your internal and industry billing codes. This very customized approach helps automate processes and create efficiencies, saving you time and money.